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EastEnergoGroup Ltd. supplies special industrial shutoff and control valves for power generating facilities and petrochemical manufacturers being built in Russia and the CIS countries.

EastEnergoGroup Ltd. was founded in 2003 to saturate the Russian fuel and energy industry with most advanced technologies for optimization of adjustment, measurement and control processes on the product lines in heat-power engineering, chemicals and petrochemicals with further gradual transfer of development and manufacture of high-quality pipeline valves to Russia.

Since the time of its establishment the Company has managed to fully or partially equip over 160 power generating facilities with control, shutoff and safety valves in the quantity of 25000 units.

EastEnergoGroup Ltd. participates in 90% of all the power generating facilities under construction in Russia. The Company deals with integrated supplies of valves for power stations – for boiler zones (including oil-burning and gas-charging fittings) and turbine zones (including vacuum fittings), as well as plant common valves (power-and-heat supply, desalination, etc.).

Pipeline valves of any parameters required to the customer, including the highest ones, are estimated individually for a certain facility and manufactured as per an order.

  • EastEnergoGroup Ltd. offers to its customers integrated valves equipment solutions, including a wide range of services:
  • Development of engineering documents,
  • Approval of technical data by engineering institutes and manufacturers,
  • Equipment supplies to any place of Russia and CIS,
  • Erection supervision work,
  • Training to operations staff,
  • Equipment service maintenance and repairs.

The valves supplied by EastEnegroGroup Ltd. has been successfully operated at such facilities as: Kirishskaya, Gusinoozyorskaya, Nyaganskaya, Kashirskaya, Cherepetskaya, Urengoyskaya and Ekibastuzskaya state district power plants (SDPP), Kaliningradskaya, Astrakhanskaya and Pervomayskaya thermal power plants (TPP), Sochinskaya and Adlerskaya combined heat and power plants (CHP), NLMK, Novourengoysky Gas Chemical Complex, Uralkaly, LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez, as well as beyond Russia and the CIS countries – Heller (Hungary), Uông Bí (Vietnam), Sisak (Croatia) and many others.